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113 GHz + Your Wavelength

113 GHz + Your Wavelength

The best fitting radar frequency for each application

Endress+Hauser completes its portfolio of radar instruments with the 80GHz process radar Micropilot FMR6x. With a wink, we add this instrument to our complete radar competence of 113GHz optimizing your process significantly. The new Micropilot series consists of the first devices 80GHz technology developed according to IEC 61508.


  • Safety by design and guided SIL proof test avoid risks for your plants and make your life easiler.

  • Highly reliable measuring results increase the avaliability and productivity of your plant.

  • Best fitting products avoid unnecessary cost and ensure optimized results.

  • Easy engineering and installation save costs

  • Heartbeat Technology prevents downtimes and enables predictive maintenance.

Safety by design

All Micropilot FMR6x instruments ensure accurate and reliable measurement in many process and environmental conditions. Hardware and software are developed according to IEC61508 and certified SIL2/SIL3 capable. It guarantees highest safety standards for your processes. The new FMR6x series instruments:

Heartbeat Technology


An additional value of the new Micropilot series is its own named Heartbeat Technology: It permits cost-effective and safe plant operation during the entire life cycle. Each measuring point may be verified and documented without any downtime. Heartbeat Technology monitors the devices and shows the process data to enable trend recognition for predictive maintenance. Furthermore, you save time and money with the guided SIL proof test.

80GHz technology


The Micropilot with 80GHz technology has a couple of advantages: It measures stably in an effective range of up to 125 meters in silos with solids thanks to a focused radar signal and dynamic algorithms. In liquids, the Micropilot reaches an accuracy of ±1 millimeter. Mountings and obstacles on tank walls do not influence the measurement as the narrow beam does not touch them. Build-up or condensate also does not affect the reliable measuring result thanks to the innovative antenna design.

113 GHz + Your Wavelength


We have not invented a new frequency, what we want to show with a wink is: Each application demands the best fitting radar frequency. Our competence adds up to 113GHz, the complete portfolio of radar instruments to optimize your process automation. We have to understand the demands of our customers thoroughly, be on your wavelength, in order to choose the right instrument.

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